General FAQ

• What payment methods do we offer?
You can pay your bill using Credit Card ($2 surcharge), Direct Deposit, Cheque or Money Order.
• Can I pay my bill monthly?
Yes - you have the option to pay your bill in monthly installments. Please contact our offices to arrange this.
• I’m not sure how much insurance cover I need?
Your sum insured for your building & contents should reflect what it would cost to rebuild the property or replace the contents at today’s prices. To help you estimate the replacement value of your investment property you can use this calculator.
Please note that this calculator is intended as a guide only and not intended to be relied on for the purpose of making a decision in relation to purchasing our products. You may wish to consider whether you need a professional valuation from an architect, builder or other valuation expert.
• Do you have a cooling off period?
Yes, we have a 30 day cooling off period.
• I need a Certificate of Currency for my bank?
Once we receive your payment in full we will supply you with a Certificate of Currency.
• How do I renew my policy?
About a month prior to your policy expiry date, we will contact you with an offer to renew your policy. If your insurance was initially arranged through a Real Estate agency or an Insurance broker, the offer to renew will be sent to them.
• How can I change my personal details?
You can contact us here to let us know of any changes to your personal details.
• When should I let you know that my circumstances have changed?
You should let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes especially if
  • You intend to move back into your property or
  • If your property is going to be vacant for an extended period of time.
  • You carry out any renovations or extensions to your property.
• Do we offer discount on multiple properties?
We offer discount on all properties if you place your building insurance cover online with us, and if you are Real Estate Agent or Insurance Broker - talk to us about discounts available for Group Cover.
• How do we cancel our policy?
Cover can be cancelled at any time from the date of advice or a future date via email. A refund is available of the unused premium from the date of cancellation to the Policy expiry date with no fees/charges deducted (Please note, if an Administration Fee has been charged, this is non-refundable). If the property was sold or you wish to cancel prior to the date of advice, we would require documentation to substantiate the Settlement/Cancellation date for backdating of the Cancellation.