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Welcome toSGUA

SGUA is a niche market underwriter that specialises in providing insurance for residential investment properties. Our landlord insurance can help protect your property and rental income against unexpected events, problematic tenants and a variety of other cases. We are Australian based and operated and have been providing the best value landlord insurance at a competitive prices since 1991.

Our friendly, well trained team is here to help you in times of need and provide you with peace of mind through the process. We understand the importance of providing prompt claims service to get you and your property back on track fast. SGUA’s products are supported by The Hollard Insurance Company.

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We specialise in providing products which:

  • Are tailor-made for domestic rentals and holiday homes/units.
  • Are Innovative and forward-thinking.
  • Are better-priced than, or offer additional benefits to covers generally available.
  • Provide wider cover than other covers generally available.
  • Offer lower excesses than available elsewhere.
  • Offer excess-free Tenant Deliberate Damage and Rent Default Claims.


Upgrade to Australia's Best value Landlord Insurance

Landlords Extra Protection Value Plus now includes up to $60,000 cover for damage caused by Cats and Dogs owned by the Tenant that are kept with or without permission at the property.

This upgrade will provide an added layer of protection to your investment property and for some owners will widen the pool of tenants they will consider for a new lease and thus help to reduce vacancy time.

New Products

Introducing our Value Plus products, which include

  • NEW: Damage by Cats & Dogs owned by the tenant.
  • Accidental Damage, including by Tenant.
  • Increased Contents cover to $60,000 on Landlord Extra Protection policy.
  • Prevention of Access cover up to 52 weeks.
  • New for Old Replacement on Contents following Deliberate Damage by Tenants.
  • Tenant Garbage Removal up to $500.

New Features

Value Plus (Agent Managed) is upgraded to include up to 18 weeks of rent for a range of tenant default situations including:

  • Default of Rent resulting in termination of tenancy.
  • Defaulting tenant (court order).
  • Departure without Notice.
  • Absconding.
  • Tenant Hardship.
  • Death of a Sole Tenant.
See the list of features here.